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An Interlude in Innundation

Hello, oh loyal reader, I feel I owe you an explanation. My house, unfortunately, lay in the path of fierce Hurricane Sandy and we have suffered — and continue to suffer — the loss of some utilities. Thankfully my family … Continue reading

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First, let’s try some gratefulness: two day ago this quixotic collection of meandering ruminations surpassed 100 hits and has already climbed to 130. Thanks to all of you who have kept up, who have followed and who have popped in. … Continue reading

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Freud Snorted Cocaine Hard… What’s Your Excuse?

Earlier I was doing some research on 12 step programs. I had hoped to learn that their success rates were magnificent, that they far surpassed the programs propounded by psychiatric practice. Well, I was half right. Their success rate isn’t … Continue reading

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